For Investment Firms


For Investment Firms

We help investment firms, Registered Investment Advisors, family offices, and other investment managers with outsourced, comprehensive due diligence for investments in private companies and alternative asset classes.

Whether a venture capitalist or family office manager, your goal is to get your clients the best possible return in a given time frame. Our team at Honey R Capital can help you evaluate potential investments so you can better allocate your firm's time and resources to achieving good returns. 

Outsourced Analyst

Tier 1 - Outsourced Analyst

We will review and provide feedback for any presentations or deal materials you send us


Timeframe: 1-week


Review and analysis include:

  • Presentation

  • Financials and Sales Projections
  • Investment structure and valuation
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Business model and sales strategy
  • Team background and salaries
  • Intellectual Property

Tier 2 - An Even Deeper Dive

Through a series of phone calls with the executive team and our own research, we will give you analysis and feedback on:

  • Company/team history

  • Financing needs to exit
  • Competition
  • Fundraising structure, deal documents and roadmap of existing investors
  • Use of Funds
  • Product Feature Roadmap
  • Customer analysis
  • Key milestones and capital required achieving each one
  • Key financial metrics - burn rate and churn
t3 - Custom Services

Tier 3 - Custom Services

Need additional analysis, in-person meetings and coordination of the closing of an investment? Looking to outsource your deal team rather than hire a full-time another full-time employee? We can customize our service to your needs. For more information please contact, Shawn Leamon


Why Honey R Capital?

Honey R Capital is an investment firm that:

  • Evaluates thousands of investment opportunities each year
  • Oversees multiple asset managers and portfolio strategies for clients
  • Provides financial advice to families with over $50 million in assets through it's multi-family office, LaGrande Global
  • Our existing clients include families around the world who have built businesses with over $10 billion in public market capitalization. 

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Managing Partner:

Shawn Leamon

sleamon [at]