For Individuals


For Individuals

You’ve made your money, now you want to grow it through investing in other businesses. Someone has just come to you with an idea, product or service and needs your money in return for repaying you more of it at a later time.


How do you know if it’s really a good investment opportunity?


Our team at Honey R is here to help you properly evaluate each and every investment opportunity, backed by decades of experience building companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. 


Our Services

We can offer different levels of investment analysis depending on your needs.

T1 - A Second Look.jpeg

Tier 1 - A Second Look

We will review and provide feedback for any materials you send us in a one-page report.


Timeline: 1 week.


Specifics include reviews of:

  • Presentation - What is the opportunity?

  • Product/Service - What is it? How is it different than the competition?
  • Business Model - How do they make money and when?
  • Investment Structure -What do you get for your money? How is it being used? And when do they need it by?
  • Executive Team - Who is on the team, what is their experience, and how much are they paying themselves
  • Target market - Who are their customers and how large is the market?
  • Do they have any intellectual property? 

Tier 2 - An Even Deeper Dive

Tier 1 + In addition to our own independent research, we will conduct up to 2 phone calls with the management team to further understand:

  • Company and team history
  • Vision for the business and money required getting there
  • Who is the competition?
  • How are they spending your money? Will they need more?
  • What defines success to the management team?
  • What makes their product better than the competitor? 

Tier 3 - Custom Services

Intended for higher net worth individuals or larger investments, our custom services are tailored to your needs. Whether you require in-person meetings or help to coordinate the closing of the investment, we are here to help for a single investment or an ongoing basis.

Why Honey R Capital?


Honey R Capital is an investment firm that:

  • Evaluates thousands of investment opportunities each year
  • Oversees multiple asset managers and portfolio strategies for clients
  • Provides financial advice to families with over $50 million in assets through it's multi-family office, LaGrande Global
  • Our existing clients include families around the world who have built businesses with over $10 billion in public market capitalization. 

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Managing Partner:

Shawn Leamon

sleamon [at]